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Our History

Plourde Furniture Company of Caribou, ME, is known today for our wide selection of furniture and mattresses, but few know that we originated as a general store in Van Buren, ME.

  In 1906, John Plourde opened for business and offered everything from groceries to livestock feed. His son, Clifford, eventually took over the business, while Janet, Clifford’s wife, was known for her interior decorating skills and custom-made drapes.


 On April 1, 1960, Plourde Furniture opened at its present location on Bennett Drive in Caribou with Janet and her son, Daniel, at the helm, and sales concentrating on furniture, carpets, drapery, wallpaper, and accessories.  A family business, many of Clifford and Janet’s sons and daughters were integrally involved over the years.  Their sons, Eugene, David, and Michael, and daughter, Rachel, all played a vital role in keeping the business thriving.


Over the next several decades, additions were made to the original building and currently boast 3 floors of over 20,000 square feet of showroom featuring bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture.

 After over 100 years of business and five generations of family, today, Doug, Jessica, Ethan, together operate Plourde Furniture.